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Short Stuff: Wk 4

This week we are watching a TED talk by Barton Seaver. On the TED website you can find a subtitle option and a transcript of the talk.

Watch the talk.

Answer the questions.

  • What is restorative seafood?
  • Why do we have a protein problem?
  • How did Seaver change the menu at this restaurant?
  • What are the consequences?
  • What does Seaver recommend we do when we plan meals?

Short Stuff: Wk 4

This week we are watching another TED talk.

Listen to the talk.

Answer the questions:

  • How did Ebbw Vale benefit from the EU?
  • Why do Ebb Vale citizens claim to have voted to leave the EU?
  • Where did they get their information?
  • What is unique about Facebook news feeds?
  • What is an example of misinformation that was published on facebook?
  • What is the connection between Trump and Brexit?
  • What was Cambridge Analytica’s election strategy?
  • Who is Carole’s audience?

Short Stuff: Wk 3

This week we are reading a short story by Roald Dahl, The Land Lady. Read the story and answer the questions:

  • Why is Billy Weaver in Bath?
  • What kind of a teenager is Billy?
  • Use adjectives to describe the landlady.
  • What is unusual about the bed and breakfast?
  • Why does Billy recognize the names in the guest book?
  • What is unusual about the animals?
  • Imagine an end to the story.