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No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 3

Read the end of the first chapter (pp.9-12). Chapter 1.3

If you need help, here is the simplified version: (Leah’s digest). Chapter 1.2 ER

Now answer the questions:

  • What disguise did Mma Ramotswe use?
  • Why did the Daddy tell the truth to Mma Ramotswe?

Now watch the same scene from the TV show (54:03-58:00).

If you need help understanding, here is the transcript: Happy Bapbetsi II

  • Do you prefer the book or the TV show?

No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 2

First, read the simplified version of the text.

Embedded Reading Chapter 1.1

Now answer the questions:

  • Describe Mma Ramotswe’s relationship with her father.
  • What do you think he wanted to say to Mma Ramotswe before he died?
  • What adjectives would you use to describe her agency: small, active, cozy, serious, busy, quiet, comfortable, ugly, fun.

Now read the original version of the text (pp. 1-4).


This week we’re watching a TED Talk about mental health.  It is by the violinist Robert Gupta.

Check it out:

Here is the transcript: Robert_Gupta

  • What do you find most interesting about Robert and Nathaniel’s story?