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Democracy: Wk 2

This week we are going to listen to the first 10 minutes of a lecture given by Jennifer Welsh, called The Return of History. This lecture is part of an annual Canadian lecture series called the Massey Lectures. The participant can speak about whatever subject he or she wishes to. Welsh is a professor of international relations and was the Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary General. The topic of her lecture series is liberal democracy.

We are going to watch the first 10 minutes (3:50-13:45).

Answer the questions:

  • What events marked Jennifer’s parents’ and older siblings’ generations?
  • Describe the atmosphere at the time of the fall of the Berlin wall.
  • What is Fukyama’s main idea?
  • What international events supported his thesis?
  • What makes his arguments appealing?
  • How did Plato feel about democracy?
  • How did the French and then the American revolutions help develop liberal democracy?

She speaks quite slowly and clearly but I have transcribed 3:50-13:45 to help you if you need help.

Short Stuff: Wk 4

This week we are watching another TED talk.

Listen to the talk.

Answer the questions:

  • How did Ebbw Vale benefit from the EU?
  • Why do Ebb Vale citizens claim to have voted to leave the EU?
  • Where did they get their information?
  • What is unique about Facebook news feeds?
  • What is an example of misinformation that was published on facebook?
  • What is the connection between Trump and Brexit?
  • What was Cambridge Analytica’s election strategy?
  • Who is Carole’s audience?

Alice Isn’t Dead: E2.2

This week we are watching the second half of episode 2. Start at 10:25 and listen to the end.

Answer the questions:

  • What is unusual about Charlottetown?
  • What evidence does the narrator find in Alice’s stuff?
  • Why did the narrator become a trucker?
  • What does the narrator want from Alice?
  • What do you think the explanation for the mystery is?

If you need help here is the transcript. Thanks to Alice Scripts for providing the transcript!