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Ideas: Week 2

This week I heard an interview with one of my fellow ‘countrymen’, Stephanie Case, on CBC.  Her story is quite cool and conveniently, she’s done a TedX talk.

Her talk is on Youtube.  There is no transcript available but the subtitles are very good.  Check it out:

  • What do you think the craziest part of each story is?

If you have become obsessed like me and want to learn more about Stephanie here is the link to her blog:

Here is the link to the CBC interview as well as videos of her running 🙂



Ideas: Week One

Watch the TED talk.  Zachary has a very nice accent and I think he speaks quite slowly.

Here’s the transcript. Zachary Wood

  • Zachary Wood thinks that it’s important to listen to people that you disagree with, do you agree?
  • What do you think about his project of inviting controversial speakers to his university campus?
  • Do you pay attention to ideas that you disagree with?

The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Week 13

Chapter 21

  • Used adjectives to describe the landscape around the witch doctor’s house?
  • How does Mma Ramotswe deal with the witch doctor?

Chapter 22

  • What does Mr. JLB will to fix the white van say about his personality?
  • How do you feel about the ending of the book?