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Things Fall Apart: Week 11

This is a 2008 PBS interview with Chinua Achebe, 50 years after the publication of Things Fall Apart. There are no subtitles but he speaks VERY slowly and clearly. Enjoy!

  • Why did Achebe write Things Fall Apart?
  • Why did he set it at the time of first contact?
  • How can fiction be true?
  • What is Achebe’s personal relationship to Christianity?
  • How does he explain the book’s succes?
  • What is the connection between colonial literature and the slave trade?
  • Does the interview make you think differently about the book?

Things Fall Apart: Week 10

This week we are finishing the book – congrats if you have made it to the end!

Chapter 21

  • Who is Mr. Brown?
  • What is his strategy in Umuofia?

Chapter 22

  • Why does Enoch succeed in Mr. Smith’s community?
  • What does Enoch do to the egwugu?
  • What are the consequences of his actions?

Chapter 23

  • How does the British administration react to the clan’s actions?

Chapter 24

  • What happens when the clan leaders return to the village?
  • Why does Umuofia not follow Okonkwo’s lead?

Chapter 25

  • Why do you think the final chapter is written from the perspective of the district comissioner?

Things Fall Apart: Week 9

Read chapter seventeen to nineteen.  Answer the questions:

Chapter 17

  • Why do you think that the missionaries are able to convert people from Mbanta?
  • What is Okokonkwo’s reaction when Nyowe converts?

Chapter 18

  • What causes conflict between the Christians and the village?

Chapter 19

  • How do Okonkwo’s elder kinsmen feel during the feast?