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The People V OJ Simpson: Wk 8

This week we are watching Episode 7.

  • What are the consequences of the media’s coverage of Johnnie’s past?
  • What do Marcia and Darden hope will happen with the gloves?
  • In what ways does Shapiro try to manipulate the situation?
  • How does Marcia and Darden’s relationship affect the trial?

The People Versus OJ Simpson: Wk 7

Watch the rest of Episode 6 (21:25- end) and answer the questions:

  • How is sexism playing a role in Marcia Clark’s image?
  • How do OJ’s team of lawyers and Marcia deal with the trial pressure differently?
  • Do you think that the defense’s strategy for Fuhrman will work?

The People Versus OJ Simpson: Wk 6

Watch the beginning of Episode 6 (0:00-21:25).

  • How is Marcia treated by the media?
  • What other pressure is she feeling?
  • What story does Cochrane want to tell about the LAPD detectives?
  • How do you think Marcia and Darden’s relationship will affect the trial?