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The People V. OJ Simpson: Week 5

During the holidays you watched the end of the fourth episode and all of the fifth episode. Congrats, you are half way through the episodes!

Here are the comprehension questions:

Episode 4:

How do you think the jury will influence the outcome of the trial?

Episode 5:

  • Describe the atmosphere in the LAPD prosecution department?
  • How is Darden feeling about the case?
  • Compare Marcia and Cochrane’s opening statements.
  • What will happen with Fuhrman?

Holes: Week 5

This week try to read to chapter 12.  As you read answer the questions.

Chapter 9

  • Why does Stanley lie to his mom about camp?
  • What is unusual about Zero?
  • Who is Caveman?

Chapter 10

  • Is the Warden interested in what Stanley finds?
  • Why?

Chapter 11

  • What deal does Stanley make with X-Ray?
  • How does it benefit both boys?
  • How does Stanley feel after making the deal?

No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 5

This week we will be reading chapter 5.

Answer the questions:

  • What is the lawyer’s reactions to Mma Ramotswe’s plans?
  • What is your impression of Mma Makutsi?
  • What happened to Peter Malatsi?
  • Do you think that the Reverend did the the right thing?