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Traveling: Week Four

This week we’re focusing on hotels while traveling.

Watch the report.  This video has no subtitles and no transcript.

Watch it once with no sound, imagine what the report is about.

Then read the questions.

Finally watch the video with sound.

  • Why did the owner create this kind of hotel?
  • What is special about the windows?
  • Why is the door little?
  • Why are there side curtains?
  • What do the Mexican tourists say about the glass igloos?
  • What do they say about the real igloos?

Traveling: Week 3

This week we’re going to be talking about airports and flying.

Listen to the podcast (13:45 – 16:20).

  • Where did Carolina travel from?
  • What is her problem?
  • Can she solve the problem?

Now check your answers.  Read the transcript (p. 3-4)

Elementary Podcast 01.02

Think about it.

  • Have you ever had this problem?
  • What are other problems that you’ve had flying?

Holes: Week 5

This week try to read to chapter 12.  As you read answer the questions.

Chapter 9

  • Why does Stanley lie to his mom about camp?
  • What is unusual about Zero?
  • Who is Caveman?

Chapter 10

  • Is the Warden interested in what Stanley finds?
  • Why?

Chapter 11

  • What deal does Stanley make with X-Ray?
  • How does it benefit both boys?
  • How does Stanley feel after making the deal?