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Holes: Week 5

This week try to read to chapter 12.  As you read answer the questions.

Chapter 9

  • Why does Stanley lie to his mom about camp?
  • What is unusual about Zero?
  • Who is Caveman?

Chapter 10

  • Is the Warden interested in what Stanley finds?
  • Why?

Chapter 11

  • What deal does Stanley make with X-Ray?
  • How does it benefit both boys?
  • How does Stanley feel after making the deal?

No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 5

This week we will be reading chapter 5.

Answer the questions:

  • What is the lawyer’s reactions to Mma Ramotswe’s plans?
  • What is your impression of Mma Makutsi?
  • What happened to Peter Malatsi?
  • Do you think that the Reverend did the the right thing?

Week 12: Hunger games

Week 12: chapter 12 In the woods.

Where does Katniss sleep? What happens after the other tributes leave?

What does Peeta do? Who does he side with?

How does Katniss take this?

What does she do for food? What is a snare? What happens next? What is Katniss trying to find? how does she do it? What does she think about Haymitch and the sponsors?

Does she finally find what she is looking for??!