Current Events: Week 3

This week we’re going to be watching a TED Talk (it’s been awhile!).  The talk is given by Melissa Fleming (head of communication at UNHCR) and she is talking about refugee camps.

This talk is a bit long but she speaks very clearly.  Try listening first.  If it’s too difficult follow along with the transcript, or turn on the French subtitles.

As you watch, listen and read try to answer the questions:

  • What object did Hany bring with him when he left Syria?
  • Why do children living in refugee camps value education so much?
  • How many years do refugees spend in exile on average?
  • What percentage of refugees are living in developing countries?
  • What does Fleming think wealthy countries should be doing?
  • Why does she think that it’s important to help young refugees thrive?

Lets Help Refugees Thrive

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