Holes: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is very long and you may feel a bit lost.  We’re going to be focusing on Elya Yelnats’ story.  Put the events in order.

  • Elya was sad and explained his problem to Mme. Zeroni.
  • To help the tiny piglet grow, Mme. Zeroni gave Elya special instructions: You must carry the piglet everyday to the top of the mountain and let it drink from a special stream. As it drinks you are to sing to him a special song. On the day of Myra’s fifteenth birthday, it will be fatter than Igor’s pigs. After you give the pig to Myra’s father, I want you to carry me up the mountain, and I want you to sing the song for me. If you do not do this you will be cursed.
  • Stanley’s great-great-grandfather was named Elya Yelants. He was born in Latvia. When he was fifteen years old he fell in love with Myra Menke.
  • Myra could not decide if she wanted to marry Elya or Igor. Elya was upset and let Igor marry Myra.
  • Elya followed Mme. Zeroni’s instructions.
  • Igor wanted to trade a fat pig for Myra’s hand in marriage.
  • Mme. Zerone agreed to help Elya and gave him a piglet.
  • He decided to go to America. He forgot to carry Mme. Zeroni up the mountain.
  • Igor Barkow was a fat, old pig farmer. He was also in love with Myra Menke.
  • But, on the last day he did not carry the pig up the mountain he took a bath. The two pigs weighed the same.

Now watch this clip from the movie.  Does it correspond with what you had imagined?
















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