Mini Series: Week 3

Here is the episode with subtitles:

Remember, if it is slow uploading.  Click HD and reduce the quality of the video.

First try to put the events in order.  Then watch the episode (with no subtitles) to check.

  • Lisa gets home – the boys have survived their long work weekend
  • The boys film a TV show about ghosts
  • Ari bartends at a party and learns about a shooting in the village
  • Ari and Toby talk in the van about the shooting and their terrible job
  • Toby and Ari pack up the equipment and talk about their weekend plans
  • Lisa, Ari and Sam go to a friend’s baby shower
  • Ari complains about the modeling job to Sam
  • Sam and Ari film the TV show abut ghosts
  • Ari and Sam get ready for a long weekend of work
  • Oscar says goodbye to the director of Ghost Cheaters
  • Lisa goes to work and talks about cooking
  • Lisa talks to her father on the phone, he is worried about her life

Then, answer the questions:

  • Why is Lisa’s father worried about her?
  • What do you think will happen between Lisa and Sam?
  • Why is Ari worried about Toby at work?

This episode is a response to a real event.  If you want to read more about it check out the article:

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