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The Curious Incident: Week 2

Here is the reading for this week, it is chapter 13 – 31:

Curious Incident II

  • What do you think the police officers think of Christopher?
  • How does Christopher’s Dad feel when he picks him up at the station?


This TED talk is by a Canadian spoken word poet, Shane Koyczan.  It’s between a talk and a poem.  The theme is bullying.

Check it out:

Here is the transcript: Shayne_Koyczan

  • What part of his story do you find most touching?
  • What do you think the message is?
  • How do you think we can help kids not « be cruel »?

If you want to hear more poetry, check out his website: https://www.shanekoyczan.com/news


Ideas: Week 5

This week we’re talking about Giorgia Lupi’s TED Talk on data.

Check it out:

  • Do you think her experiment teaches us interesting things about her?
  • Data is everywhere.  It seems like everything is quantified.  What interesting things do you think data tells us?

Here is the transcript: Giorgia Lupi TEDNYC