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Love and Luck: E1

This week we are watching the first episode of the podcast Love and Luck. The episodes are on Youtube so you can use the Youtube subtitles to help you understand.

Answer the questions:

  • What is Jason and Kane’s second date?
  • Describe Jason’s personality.
  • Describe Kane’s personality.
  • What is their third date?
  • What do they have planned for their fourth date?

Alice Isn’t Dead: Wk 1

This week we are going to listen to the first half of the first episode, stop listening at 10:07 (end of the third part).

You can find the episode on Youtube:

The Youtube subtitles (CC button at the bottom right) are quite good but you can read the transcript here. Thank you to http://alicescripts.tumblr.com for making these transcripts available for us!

Answer the questions:

  • Describe the atmosphere of the podcast.
  • What does the narrator notice about the man eating the omlette?
  • Why is the narrator driving a truck?
  • How does Alice feel when the man eating the omlette talks to her?
  • What will happen next?

Choose a Podcast

I’ve been exploring the wonderful world of short podcasts and there are so many good ones, I can’t decide which one we should listen to! Here is my top three:

Alice Isn’t Dead A trucker drives across America in search of her wife, encountering strange and mysterious things along the way. This is a dark audio fiction drama, that shows creepy aesthetic and fascination with the American landscape. The episodes are 20 minutes long so we could listen to a half episode each week. The first season has 10 episodes, so we could make it to the end by July. The first three episodes can be found on Youtube with subtitles. I think transcripts are available for the other episodes.


Love and Luck is a fictional radio play podcast, told via voicemails and set in present day Melbourne, Australia. A slice of life queer romance story with a touch of magic, it follows the relationship between two men, Jason and Kane, as their love grows both for each other and their community. It is fun and optimistic. The episodes are between 7 and 11 minutes long. There are many episodes so we will not be able to complete the story together. Transcripts are available.


Little Tiny is from Australia’s ABC Radio. It is a collection of stories based on real historical events. There is vulgar language and unexpected surprises, these are more like really good pub stories than lectures. The episodes are under ten minutes and unrelated. I haven’t found transcripts but could make lots of « sign post » questions to help you.


Your turn, what do you think?