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No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Watch & Read: Episode 0.8

Watch the clip from the episode 58:00 – 1:05.

Answer the questions.

  • What do you think Mma Ramotswe will discover about Hector’s former employee?
  • Will Mr. JLB be able to lie to the big man?

Read the exert.  What version do you prefer? The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.7

The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Read & Watch: Week 2

Watch the next part of the Pilot episode (11:00-20:00).

Answer the questions.

  • What is your impression of Mr. JLB?
  • What do you think of Mma Ramotswe’s business plan?
  • Why do you think she chooses the 4th building?

Read the exert from the book (and the transcript if necessary!).

The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.2

  • How is the book different from the movie?

Holes: Week 10

Chapter 32

  • How does Twitch help Stanley?

Chapter 33

  • What does Stanley find when he’s walking?

Chapter 34

  • What does Stanley find on the lake?

Chapter 35

  • How has Zero survived?
  • Why does Zero refuse to back to camp?

Chapter 36

  • How does Stanley help Zero?