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Health: Week 2

This trimester we will be talking about health.  This week we’re going to talk about how to stay healthy.

Read this very scientific article 😉  Do you agree with these tips?

10 Tips for a healthy lifestyle_ER


Hunger Games: Week 19

Chapter 25

  1. What’s special about the mutts?
  2. What adjectives would you use to describe Cato’s death?
  3. What surprise is waiting for them once Cato’s body has been taken away?
  4. Compare Katniss and Peeta’s reactions to the news?
  5. Why does Katniss suggest they eat the berries?

Chapter 26

  1. Why do you think Cinna chooses that dress for Katniss?
  2. What does Haymitch explain to Katniss?
  3. Why does Katniss say « I’ve never been in such a dangerous place in my life. » (p. 358)?

Iggie’s House : week 13

We will discuss the final chapter of the book.

Also, please prepare some notes on 2016:

  • what was important for you? for your family?
  • what happened in France that interested you?
  • what happened internationally that interested you?