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Holes: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is very long and you may feel a bit lost.  We’re going to be focusing on Elya Yelnats’ story.  Put the events in order.

  • Elya was sad and explained his problem to Mme. Zeroni.
  • To help the tiny piglet grow, Mme. Zeroni gave Elya special instructions: You must carry the piglet everyday to the top of the mountain and let it drink from a special stream. As it drinks you are to sing to him a special song. On the day of Myra’s fifteenth birthday, it will be fatter than Igor’s pigs. After you give the pig to Myra’s father, I want you to carry me up the mountain, and I want you to sing the song for me. If you do not do this you will be cursed.
  • Stanley’s great-great-grandfather was named Elya Yelants. He was born in Latvia. When he was fifteen years old he fell in love with Myra Menke.
  • Myra could not decide if she wanted to marry Elya or Igor. Elya was upset and let Igor marry Myra.
  • Elya followed Mme. Zeroni’s instructions.
  • Igor wanted to trade a fat pig for Myra’s hand in marriage.
  • Mme. Zerone agreed to help Elya and gave him a piglet.
  • He decided to go to America. He forgot to carry Mme. Zeroni up the mountain.
  • Igor Barkow was a fat, old pig farmer. He was also in love with Myra Menke.
  • But, on the last day he did not carry the pig up the mountain he took a bath. The two pigs weighed the same.

Now watch this clip from the movie.  Does it correspond with what you had imagined?
















Healthy Living: Week Three

This week we’re going to be talking about exercise and health.  We’re going to be talking about how we stay active technology that might be able to help us keep in shape.

We’re going to watch a short video about a new app (application) for Google Glass that helps people exercise.  It’s called « Race Yourself ».

Before you watch the video think about what you think this app could do.

Now watch the video.  As you watch, try to answer these questions:

– Why is the app called « Race Yourself »?

– What are some of the games that users can play?

– How could it help users stay in shape?


Atelier de Noël

Hello !!

L’atelier de Noël s’est très bien passé ! Deux petits groupes de quatre enfants, des grands et des petits ! Nous avons fait diverses activités en Anglais avec les enfants, des histoires, des décorations de Noël, des cartes et des chants, bien sûr tout en anglais. Bonne ambiance, dans une atmosphère chaleureuse pour terminer l’année sur un ton joyeux !




 Voici le lien pour le chanson « Jingle Bells » que nous avons vu : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt2gHiIesss

Passez de Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année et à l’année prochaine pour de nouvelles aventures…En Anglais !