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Technology: Week 4

This week we’re going to be using our imaginations.  We’re going to be watching a short film about an imaginary technology called Sight.  As you watch the film try to answer these questions:

1.  What is Sight and how does it work?

2.  What can the characters do with Sight?

3.  What can you do with other technologies that enhance reality (i.e. Google Glass)?

4.  How are Sight and Google different?

can_could 1 can_couldHere are some exercise about can and could.

Getting to Know Each Other: Week 2

This week we’re going to pratice introducing ourselves (se présenter).

To prepare watch the video « Pleased to Meet You ».

1. Watch the video (0:40 – 2:30).

2.  Watch the video and read the transcript.

Pleased to Meet You- transcript

3.  Think.  How would you introduce yourself?

Technology: Week 2

Many videos, images and websites are equipped with the « like » button, and most of us don’t hesitate to click it.  How much can you learn about a person through their « likes »?  Jennifer Golbeck is an American computer science professor, her TED talk answers this question.


As you watch the talk try to answer these questions:

1) What can we learn from someone’s « likes »?

2) What is a negative consequence?

3) What is a positive consequence?

This video is quite long.  First ry to watch it once with no subtitles and answer the questions.  If it’s too complicated you can turn on the French or the English subtitles!