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Love and Luck: E1

This week we are watching the first episode of the podcast Love and Luck. The episodes are on Youtube so you can use the Youtube subtitles to help you understand.

Answer the questions:

  • What is Jason and Kane’s second date?
  • Describe Jason’s personality.
  • Describe Kane’s personality.
  • What is their third date?
  • What do they have planned for their fourth date?

The People V OJ Simpson: Wk 8

This week we are watching Episode 7.

  • What are the consequences of the media’s coverage of Johnnie’s past?
  • What do Marcia and Darden hope will happen with the gloves?
  • In what ways does Shapiro try to manipulate the situation?
  • How does Marcia and Darden’s relationship affect the trial?

Alice Isn’t Dead: Wk 1

This week we are going to listen to the first half of the first episode, stop listening at 10:07 (end of the third part).

You can find the episode on Youtube:

The Youtube subtitles (CC button at the bottom right) are quite good but you can read the transcript here. Thank you to http://alicescripts.tumblr.com for making these transcripts available for us!

Answer the questions:

  • Describe the atmosphere of the podcast.
  • What does the narrator notice about the man eating the omlette?
  • Why is the narrator driving a truck?
  • How does Alice feel when the man eating the omlette talks to her?
  • What will happen next?