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week 9: Hunger games

rue-training-centerWeek 9: Chapter 7 and 8: The training sessions, the game makers give marks to the tributes.


Chapter 7:

Katniss has nightmares about the girl she saw the night before at dinner. She wakes up feeling upset. She has a shower, gets dressed and goes to have breakfast. She’s happy because Peeta is wearing the same outfit as her. True or false?

What happens at the breakfast table? What does Haymitch ask the tributes and why? What are they all preparing?

According to Peeta what is Katniss good at?

What does Katniss praise Peeta for?

What strategy does Haymitch want them to adopt? Does Katniss agree with it? Does Peeta agree with it?

Do you think K and P really like each other?

Once they reach the training centre; what does Katniss observe?

Which skill stations do they start off with?

What are the game doing during these sessions?

What do P and K pretend to do at meals?

Who is their « shadow »?

What happens on the third day of training? How does it go for Katniss?!


Chapter 8: 

Katniss is very upset, Why?

What do Effie, Haymitch and Peeta think about what happened?

Why do the game makers give marks to the tributes?

What scores do K and P get? How does Katniss feel now?

What does she think about?

The next day Katniss wakes up feeling better than the day before, she has a shower and goes to have breakfast, it’s the day of the tributes’ televised interviews. True or false?

What does Haymitch ask Katniss at breakfast? why?

Hope you enjoy this week’s reading! We have surprises to come! xXx 









Home Sweet Home: Week Four

This week we’re going to be talking about deciding to rent or buy a home.  We will read an article written for Forbes, the American business magazine.

Before you read the article think about the pros and cons of buying a house versus renting a house.

Now read the article. 7 Reasons Why I Never Want To Own A House Again

The author is American.  Do you think her arguments apply in France?