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Traveling: Week Five

This week we will practice asking for & giving directions.

Watch the video (0:40-3:22).

  • What is Anne looking for?
  • How does she ask for directions?
  • What directions does she receive?

Check your answers with the transcript:

Episode 4

Traveling: Week 3

This week we’re going to be talking about airports and flying.

Listen to the podcast (13:45 – 16:20).

  • Where did Carolina travel from?
  • What is her problem?
  • Can she solve the problem?

Now check your answers.  Read the transcript (p. 3-4)

Elementary Podcast 01.02

Think about it.

  • Have you ever had this problem?
  • What are other problems that you’ve had flying?

Food: Week One

This week we are going to talk about buying food.

Watch the video « How Many Prawns? » (0:45-2:03).

Answer the questions:

  • What does Anne buy?
  • How much does it cost?

Watch the video again.  Read the transcript.

living english_shopping