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Health: Week 1

This week we’re going to be watching another TED talk.  This talk feature A.J. Jacobs, an American writer.

Jacobs adopts radical lifestyles and then writes about his experiences.  After spending a year reading the entire Encyclopedia Brittanica he wrote the book Know it All.  His second book is called The Year of Living Biblically, it is about his year spent following all the rules in the bible for a year.  The talk that we’re going to be watching is called Drop Dead Healthy.

The video is 8 minutes long so try to concentrate, the last 6 minutes are most important.



Here is the transcript of the video: AJ Jacobs

As you watch the video try to answer these questions:

  • What was Jacob’s project?
  • What sorts of changes did he make in his life?
  • What were the positive results?
  • What were the negative results?
  • What are two important things that he learned?

Traveling: Week Five

This week we will practice asking for & giving directions.

Watch the video (0:40-3:22).

  • What is Anne looking for?
  • How does she ask for directions?
  • What directions does she receive?

Check your answers with the transcript:

Episode 4

Traveling: Week 3

This week we’re going to be talking about airports and flying.

Listen to the podcast (13:45 – 16:20).

  • Where did Carolina travel from?
  • What is her problem?
  • Can she solve the problem?

Now check your answers.  Read the transcript (p. 3-4)

Elementary Podcast 01.02

Think about it.

  • Have you ever had this problem?
  • What are other problems that you’ve had flying?