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Ideas: Week 2

This week I heard an interview with one of my fellow ‘countrymen’, Stephanie Case, on CBC.  Her story is quite cool and conveniently, she’s done a TedX talk.

Her talk is on Youtube.  There is no transcript available but the subtitles are very good.  Check it out:

  • What do you think the craziest part of each story is?

If you have become obsessed like me and want to learn more about Stephanie here is the link to her blog:


Here is the link to the CBC interview as well as videos of her running 🙂




No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Read & Watch: Week 11

Congrats, you have made it to the final part of the episode!

Next week we will be playing a game.  Don’t watch the end of the episode YET!

  • Imagine an ending.
  • Write it down and e-mail it to me.
  • I will « edit » it and send it back to you.
  • Then watch the end of the episode.  Here is the transcript: The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.11.

Next week we will be sharing our endings and then talking about the ending of the episode.

If you miss Mma Ramotswe, there are 7 more episodes on Youtube 🙂

No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 10

Watch the episode (1:25-1:33).

Answer the questions:

  • Where did Charlie Gotso’s muti really come from?
  • Who is the boy?
  • Do you prefer the woman in the reading or in the episode?

Here is the transcript & reading exert: The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.10