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Things Fall Apart: Week 4

This week we are reading chapters seven and eight.

Answer the questions:

Chapter 7

  • What values does Okonkwo want to teach Nwoye?
  • Do you think Nwoye is receptive?
  • What happens in the forest?

Chapter 8

  • Describe the atmosphere in Okonkwo’s hut.
  • What is Obierika’s opinion about what happened?
  • What do you think is going to happen?

The Curious Incident: Week 5b

This week we are reading up until chapter 157.

Answer the questions:

  • Chapter 113: How does Christopher’s memory work?  How do you think your memory works?
  • Chapter 127: Why was Christopher’s father so upset about the book?
  • Chapter 137: How does Christopher’s father feel at the zoo?
  • Chapter 149: Why are the letters in the closet?
  • Chapter 157: What really happened to Christopher’s mother?  How do the letters make Christopher feel?

The Curious Incident: Week 5a

This week we are reading chapters 89 to 103.

Answer the questions:

  • Chapter 89: What makes you feel better when you’re having a bad day?  What makes Christopher feel better?
  • Chapter 97: What do you think about Mrs. Alexander?
  • Chapter 101:  Which method helps you understand the problem?
  • Chapter 103: Does Christopher seem upset about the news?