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Week 15: Hunger games

Week 15; Chapters 17 and 18

Ch 17;

Does Katniss achieve her goal? how?

Does she get injured? Where does she manage to hide?

What happens in the evening? how does she keep warm?

Why isn’t fox face a possible ally for Katniss?

Katniss leaves her hiding place and goes to the meeting point to find Rue. She waits for and has time to do a few things. After a long while she decides to go looking for her. Where does she go to look for her?

How does she locate Rue at first? what happens next? 🙁

Ch 18;

Who gets killed?

What does Katniss do to pay tribute to Rue? ( pay tribute= rendre hommage)

Does Katniss feel angry? What is she thinking of doing to get revenge?

What does she receive from a sponsor? Why?

How many tributes are left? What does Katniss feel about the recent deaths?

Claudius Templesmith makes an announcement, what does he say? is it good news?




week 14: Hunger games

Week 14; Ch 15

How does Katniss feel because of the stings? How long has she been under this effect?

What positive aspect does she focus on? What does this change?

What direction does she decide to take after washing in the river?

Who is hiding close by? What does she have to eat?

What do they exchange? What do we find out about district 11?

What does Katniss find out about the glasses and does she find out how many tributes have died?

What plan is Katniss putting together?

Ch 16

According to Katniss what disadvantage is there in being a career tribute? What are the two allies planning to do?

The canon fires, do we know who died? what does K think?

What does K observe from her hiding place? What does she hear about Peeta?

How does Katniss carry out the plan?

Art: Week 4

This week we’re going to be watching a TED talk about creativity.  David Kelley is the founder of IDEO (first Apple mouse!) and is very interested in creativity.  At the d.school, Kelley helps people develop their creativity.

His talk is based on three stories – the clay horse story, Bandura and the snake story and Dietz and the MRI machine story.  As you listen to the talk try to think about the message in each of these stories.

He speaks quite clearly but he’s got an American accent.  There are French and English subtitles if you need them!

For more about Kelley check out the IDEO website: http://www.ideo.com/people/david-kelley