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Traveling: Week 2


Put the steps (étapes) in order.

  • __ Wait at the boarding gate.
  • __ Go to the checking-in desk.
  • __ Board the plane.
  • __ Go through immigration.
  • __ The plane takes off.
  • _1_ Arrive at the airport.


Where are the planes going? New York, Athens, Amsterdam, Rome, Tokyo?

  • Speaker one ______
  • Speaker two ______
  • Speaker three ______
  • Speaker four ______
  • Speaker five ______

Read and check.



Technology: Week 1

We are going to try to lighten things up a bit!  This session we’re going to be talking about technology.  To get us started we are reviewing some of the top technologies from 2014.

For next week’s class think of an invention that you think is great.  Tell us about how it works and why you think it’s wonderful.

If you need some help, you can check out this article published in the American magazine TIME.  It’s a list of their favourite inventions from 2014:


I also found a French translation of Time’s favourite 10 inventions:


Ebola virus and global health: Week 2

This week we’re going to be listening to the first part of an interview with an American journalist, Denise Clay, on the CBC.  Clay’s interview is based on an article that was published in Time magazine in October.  The interview is very long so we’ll only be listening to the beginning (00:00 – 3:47).


As you listen try to answer these questions:

– What is the relationship between HIV and the Ebola virus?

– What are some problems that the Ebola media coverage has caused?

If you find the audio difficult to understand, or you want to go further, check out Clay’s article in Time: