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Mini Series: Week 3

Here is the episode with subtitles: https://vimeo.com/75911370

Remember, if it is slow uploading.  Click HD and reduce the quality of the video.

First try to put the events in order.  Then watch the episode (with no subtitles) to check.

  • Lisa gets home – the boys have survived their long work weekend
  • The boys film a TV show about ghosts
  • Ari bartends at a party and learns about a shooting in the village
  • Ari and Toby talk in the van about the shooting and their terrible job
  • Toby and Ari pack up the equipment and talk about their weekend plans
  • Lisa, Ari and Sam go to a friend’s baby shower
  • Ari complains about the modeling job to Sam
  • Sam and Ari film the TV show abut ghosts
  • Ari and Sam get ready for a long weekend of work
  • Oscar says goodbye to the director of Ghost Cheaters
  • Lisa goes to work and talks about cooking
  • Lisa talks to her father on the phone, he is worried about her life

Then, answer the questions:

  • Why is Lisa’s father worried about her?
  • What do you think will happen between Lisa and Sam?
  • Why is Ari worried about Toby at work?

This episode is a response to a real event.  If you want to read more about it check out the article: