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week 18: Hunger games

Week 18: Chapters 23 and 24

Chapter 23; 

Why does Katniss think she is similar to Haymitch? How do they think he won the games?

Who dies?

What does Katniss finally consider? How does she see the future?

What’s their plan for the day? Where are they heading to?

What annoys Katniss about Peeta? Can Peeta go hunting with Katniss?

Why does Katniss get upset with Peeta? What mistake does Peeta make?

Who dies next and why? Who is left in the arena?

Chapter 24;

What do they decide to do after the recent death? What are they afraid of?

Where does Katniss agree to go for the night and why?

Where are the game makers forcing them to go and how?

While they wait for Cato what happens? What happens when Cato arrives?




Week 16: Hunger games

Week 16: Part 3 « The victor » Chapters 19 and 20 

Chapter 19;

What does the new rule mean about Peeta’s and Katniss’s « romance »?

Where does Katniss think he’s hiding?

Where does she finally find him? in what state is he?

What does Katniss have to do to help him? What do they have to do for the cameras? Do you think this situation will help them in the game?

Where do they camp? What do they receive?

Chapter 20;

What does this situation mean for Katniss?

What story does Katniss tell Peeta?

What new announcement does Claudius Templesmith make? Does this come as a surprise to Katniss? Why do they argue about this?

What special « dinner  » has Katniss prepared? What’s the desert made from…giphy?





week 13: Hunger games

Week 13: Chapters 13 And 14

Ch 13;  « The girl who was on fire »

Where/what does the fire come from? How does Katniss deal with it? Who/what does she follow to escape?

Why can’t Katniss go back to her pond? What form does the fire take?

What are her injuries?

How do the game makers manipulate the lives of the tributes?

Katniss finds a pools, she bathes her body and her wounds in it, what does she remember about burns?

She is so exhausted she drifts off to sleep, luckily she hears the Career tributes arrive, she runs for her life, What happens next?

Why is she in a very tricky situation

What does she remember that encourages her to stay positive? What are the Careers’ weaknesses? Is Katniss out of danger?

What does she notice through the trees as she tries to rest?

Ch 14: The tracker jackers

What does Rue point to in the trees?ec936ce2000334db3d4ea3196d775ca9

What does Katniss decide to do?

Katniss is in pain: Does she manage to do what she wants? How?

What awaits her when she gets back to her hiding place? Does she manage to sleep?5269f7c457a951f153fb372bd16cdd01

At dawn,  what surprises Katniss about Rue? What does Katniss finally do?

Does she get stung? How are the careers? What happens to them?

Katniss manages to get away, but what does she remember to get off « Glimmer »the career tribute? What does she have to do?

How is Katniss? Who shows up? What happens?