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Happy New Year

To launch 2019, this week we will be talking about motivation. This is a TED talk given by John Doerr, venture capitalist and goal setter.

Watch the talk. https://www.ted.com/talks/john_doerr_why_the_secret_to_success_is_setting_the_right_goals

Here is the transcript if you need it:

Answer the questions:

  • How do OKRs work?
  • John tells three stories, which one is your favourite? Why?
  • What motivates you?
  • Do you have any OKRs for 2019?

Ebola Virus & Global Health: Week 1

Ebola has been in the news for several months and over the next couple of weeks we will be talking about the virus and other global health issues.  This week we’re going to watch a short video narrated by Morgan Freeman that explains how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans.  It’s part of the program « Though the Wormhole », a show that explains science to people who do not have a scientific background.

As you watch the video try to answer these questions.

– How does Ebola work?

– What is the parallel that is made between the virus and the real world?


EU Issues: Week Three


Scotland’s referendum has given attention to other separatist movements.  This week we’re going to be talking about regional nationalism in Flanders.  We are going to listen to an exert from the Globe an Mail article Europe’s Deflated Separatists Vow to Carry on.  Listen to it once, then listen a second time and try to answer the questions.  You can check your answers in the PDF document.

  • Why was Belgium formed?
  • What form of independence is the New Flemish Alliance advocating for?
  • How do they want to achieve this?

Europe’s deflated separatists vow to carry on