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Art: Week 5

This week we are reading the short story Miles City, Montanna by a Canadian author, Alice Munro.

Before reading the story put the events in order.

  •  The woman thinks about her relatonship with her husband Andrew
  • A girl feels angry at the funeral
  •  Meg almost drowns
  • The woman thinks about her and Andrew’s childhoods in Ontario
  • A young boy drowns
  • The woman shows the map to her children Meg and Cynthia
  • They see a dead deer
  • They continue driving
  • The children go swimming
  • A family begins a roadtrip from Vancouver to Toronto
  • The woman imagines what would have happened if she had died

Now read the story.  As you read, check to see if you were correct.

Miles City Montana








Art: Week 2

This week we’re talking about film.  We’re going to watch the trailer for Psycho.

  • How is the Psycho poster different from other film posters?
  • What effect would a poster like this have on the audience?

Now watch the trailer.

Answer the questions:

  • How is the trailer different from other trailers?
  • How does Hitchcock create suspense?
  • How would you describe his physical appearance?
  • What about his character?