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Current Issues: Week 1

So I’m calling the theme for this trimester « Current Issues » instead of « Current Events », because there are some interesting non-events.

I heard this radio documentary during the break.  The concept of family is being discussed in France, and in Canada as well.  First read the article, and answer the questions.

Natasha Bakht, left, and Lynda Collins are not lovers but are proud 'co-mommas' to Elaan, now 7, by changing how Canadian law defines family and legally becoming parents. The victory was a legal first in Ontario.


  1. What is the relationship between Natasha and Lynda?
  2. What makes Elaan particularly special?
  3. How did Natasha and Lynda become co-parents?

Now listen to the documentary.  Sorry there are no subtitles!  What do you think about this family?