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Food: Week Four

This week you’ll be reading one of my favourite Christmas recipes, then watching a short instructional video.

First read the recipe, make sure that you understand all of the ingredients.  The cooking instructions are not in the correct order.  What would you do first?  Try to place them in the correct order.

Gingerbread Men

Next watch the video, check to see if you put the ingredients in the correct order.

For next week’s class think of one of your favourite Christmas recipes that you can share with the group.

Food: Week Three

This week we’re talking about restaurants.

Watch this episode from Living English (0:40-2:00):

Here’s the transcript if you need it:

Anne and Steve Have Lunch

Now answer the questions:

  • What does Anne get?
  • What does Steve get?
  • What do they like best about the day?

Food: Week Two

This week we’re going to be talking about food politics.  Chef Barton Seaver presents a modern dilemma: Seafood is one of our healthier protein options, but over fishing is harming our oceans. He suggests a simple way to keep fish on the dinner table that includes every mom’s favorite line – « Eat your vegetables! ».

When you watch the video think about these questions:

– What is the problem with eating a lot of seafood?

– What are some solutions that Seaver suggests?

– How has he changed the way that he cooks in his restaurant?

If you find the video difficult to understand, French subtitles are available on the Ted Talk website:


Here is the transcript of the talk:

Sustainable Seafood