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Health: Week 5

This week we’re watching a very short TED talk by Arianna Huffington.  It’s about sleep.

Watch the talk:

Answer the questions:

  • What changed Arianna’s working life?
  • Why are successful Americans sleep deprived?
  • Why do you think she make sleep a women’s issue?
  • How important is sleep for you?

Read the text:

Arianna Huffington

Health: Week 4

This week we’re going to be talking more about physical activity and health.

Now watch the video (0:00-5:00) and answer the questions:

  • What is Wayne’s problem?
  • What is the miracle treatment?
  • What is special about the Lifestyle Clinic?
  • What is Margaret’s problem?
  • What is the treatment?
  • What are the results?
  • What is unique about this type of treatment?

Read Transcript Exercise is Medicine to check your answers.

Health: Week 3

This week we will talk about visiting the doctor.  We will watch an episode of Living English.  In this episode Anne goes to the doctor.

Watch the video (00:47-2:55).

Answer the questions:

  • Why does Anne go to the doctor?
  • Why does Anne have this problem?
  • What should (doit) Anne do?

Read the text.

Anne Goes to the Doctor