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Holes: Week 12

Chapter 44

What do Stanley and Zero find?

Chapter 45

Why is the Warden unable to take the suitcase?

Chapter 46

What happened at camp when Stanely and Zero were gone?

Chapter 47

Who arrives at camp?

Why don’t the lizards attack Stanley and Zero?

Why is Stanley’s name written on the case?

Holes: Week 11

Chapter 38

  • What do the boys find?

Chapter 39

  • What does Zero tell Stanely?

Chapter 40

  • Why are there onions on Big Thumb?

Chapter 41

  • What was Zero’s childhood like?
  • What really happened to Clyde Livingston’s shoes?

Chapter 42

  • Why is Stanley not angry about the shoes?

Chapter 43

  • How do the boys feel as they walk back to camp?
  • What are some problems that they have as they walk?
  • What happened to Zero’s Mom?

Holes: Week 10

Chapter 32

  • How does Twitch help Stanley?

Chapter 33

  • What does Stanley find when he’s walking?

Chapter 34

  • What does Stanley find on the lake?

Chapter 35

  • How has Zero survived?
  • Why does Zero refuse to back to camp?

Chapter 36

  • How does Stanley help Zero?