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Places We Live: Week 2

Marie-Christine found a great document Is a Door Just a Door? by Six-Minute English (BBC).  Check it out:


On the website you should find an audio document, a vocabulary list and a transcript.

What do you think the « rich door, poor door » system?

Does the « rich door, poor door » system exist in France?

Can you think of any French forms of social segregation related to housing?


Places we Live: Week 1

For the next few weeks we’re going to talk about the places we live – houses, neighbourhoods and cities.

This week we’re going to watch listen to Our House by Madness (yes, I have a soft spot for 80’s pop).

Read the lyrics.  Madness – Our House Lyrics

  • What do you think their house is like?
  • Now, think of how you would describe your house.

Home Sweet Home: Week 1

For the next few weeks we will be talking about houses – where we live, where we want to live, moving…

This week we will talk about our houses and neighborhoods (quartiers).

Watch the video (0:51 – 2:37).

As you watch the video answer these questions:

  • How would you describe Sarah’s neighborhood?
  • How does Sarah react to Anne’s compliment about her house?
  • What is Sarah’s house like?
  • Who does Anne meet and who has she already met?

Think about it:

  • What is your neighborhood like?
  • What is your house/apartment like?

After, read the transcript.

Episode 8_transcript

Now do the grammar exercises on possessive pronouns.

Possessive Pronouns