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Week 20: Hunger Games

We’ve finally made it to the end, congratulations!

Chapter 27

  • Compare this scene from the movie with the scene in the book
  • How does Katniss and Peeta feel about their relationship?

week 18: Hunger games

Week 18: Chapters 23 and 24

Chapter 23; 

Why does Katniss think she is similar to Haymitch? How do they think he won the games?

Who dies?

What does Katniss finally consider? How does she see the future?

What’s their plan for the day? Where are they heading to?

What annoys Katniss about Peeta? Can Peeta go hunting with Katniss?

Why does Katniss get upset with Peeta? What mistake does Peeta make?

Who dies next and why? Who is left in the arena?

Chapter 24;

What do they decide to do after the recent death? What are they afraid of?

Where does Katniss agree to go for the night and why?

Where are the game makers forcing them to go and how?

While they wait for Cato what happens? What happens when Cato arrives?




week 17: Hunger games

Week 17: Chapters 21 and 22

Ch 21: The feast

Katniss is about to go to the feast what does she do before she goes?

What is she guessing might be happening in district 12?

After a long wait the feast table clicks into place. Who is the first to get their bag?

Katniss is second, does she manage it as easily as the first?

Who tries to kill her and how?

Who saves Katniss and why?

Cato’s still out there, he’s near Katniss, she can hear him.. What does she do? Does she make it back to the cave?

And the medicine for Peeta? Does she get it to him?

Ch 22: the recovery

When Katniss wakes up, how does she feel? And Peeta how is he? What’s he doing?

What’s the weather like in the arena?

What did Thresh look like when Katniss saw him during the feast? why was it so surprising? what do they think he’s eating? Where’s his hiding place?

How does Peeta feel about Katniss « knocking him out »? What does she feel when they kiss?

The weather is still bad and they are both hungry, what does Katniss do? What does she find out about Peeta? What does she think about it? Does her strategy work?