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Iggie’s House : week 13

We will discuss the final chapter of the book.

Also, please prepare some notes on 2016:

  • what was important for you? for your family?
  • what happened in France that interested you?
  • what happened internationally that interested you?

Iggie’s House: week 12

Read the final chapter:

  • How does the day start?
  • What effect do the words ‘The black people’ on page 141 have?
  • Why can’t Winnie go rowing?  What do you think of her reason?
  • How does Winnie feel about Herbie after their day at the park?
  • Will she go to Tokyo?
  • What does Winnie’s letter to Iggy tell you about Winnie?

Week 11: Iggie’s House

Read chapter 9:

  • In your opinion, which adjectives describe Winnie’s reaction to the idea of moving house?
  • Would you like to eat Winnie’s picnic?
  • What impression of the role of women as a ‘wife’ does the author give in this chapter?  Mrs Barringer / Mrs Garber?
  • What do Glenn and Herbie think about Winnie’s intentions (Tokyo)?