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Stories and Story Tellers: Week 7

Margaret Atwood is being talked about a lot because of the political climate.  Her best-selling book, The Handmaid’s Tale has recently been made into an online TV show.

The Handmaid’s Tail is speculitive fiction.  She uses real events from the past to create a story that takes place in a future dystopia.

Do you enjoy books, movies or TV shows of this type?  What are your favourites?

Check out the trailer:

If necessary, read the transcript:

‘s tail_trailer

Is this a TV show that you would like to watch?

If you want to stream the show here’s the link to Hulu:

The Handmaid’s Tale

Stories and Story Tellers: Week 5

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Read the embedded reading for the rest of the story:

Stone Mattress_III

  • Do you prefer Atwood’s ending or one of ours?

If you’re ready for a challenge check out the original!