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No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Read & Watch: Week 11

Congrats, you have made it to the final part of the episode!

Next week we will be playing a game.  Don’t watch the end of the episode YET!

  • Imagine an ending.
  • Write it down and e-mail it to me.
  • I will « edit » it and send it back to you.
  • Then watch the end of the episode.  Here is the transcript: The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.11.

Next week we will be sharing our endings and then talking about the ending of the episode.

If you miss Mma Ramotswe, there are 7 more episodes on Youtube 🙂

No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 10

Watch the episode (1:25-1:33).

Answer the questions:

  • Where did Charlie Gotso’s muti really come from?
  • Who is the boy?
  • Do you prefer the woman in the reading or in the episode?

Here is the transcript & reading exert: The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.10


No1 Ladies Detective Agency Watch & Read: Week 9

Watch the episode (1:15-1:25).

Answer the questions:

  • What sort of proof had Alice Busang imagined?
  • Do you think that Mma Ramotswe had planned her interaction with Charlie Gotso or did she improvise?
  • What do you think she will do with the map?

Here is the transcript & book exert if you need help! The No1 Ladies’ Episode 0.9