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The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency: Week 11

This week we are reading three chapters, 10-12. Read and answer the questions.

Chapter 10

  • What is the atmosphere in the Kalahari?
  • Have you ever experienced the « utter loneliness of a place without people »?

Chapter 11

  • What is Mma Pekwane’s problem?
  • Who helps Mma Ramotswe solve it?

Chapter 12

  • What is Mma Ramotswe’s house like?
  • What is your favourite spot in your house?

Choose a TV show…

So, I have found two shows that I would like to watch with you.

Her Story is a 6 episode mini-series about transexual women dating in LA. I liked it because it’s a fun approach to a serious topic. The episodes are about 8 minutes long and there are subtitles. All episodes are available on Youtube. Check out the trailer:

American Crime Story: The People verses O.J. Simpson, is about the police investigation and trial of O.J. Simpson (think back to 1994). I like it because even though it happened awhile ago, race and police violence are still hot topics in the U.S. (Also they use fun props like giant cordless phones). The episodes are 60 minutes long and there are subtitles. It is available on Netflix. Check out the trailer:

E-mail me to tell me which one you prefer. If you have a different idea send us the link!

Things Fall Apart: Week 11

This is a 2008 PBS interview with Chinua Achebe, 50 years after the publication of Things Fall Apart. There are no subtitles but he speaks VERY slowly and clearly. Enjoy!

  • Why did Achebe write Things Fall Apart?
  • Why did he set it at the time of first contact?
  • How can fiction be true?
  • What is Achebe’s personal relationship to Christianity?
  • How does he explain the book’s succes?
  • What is the connection between colonial literature and the slave trade?
  • Does the interview make you think differently about the book?