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Getting Around Cities: Week 5

This week we’re going out to eat! Well, we will be talking about going out to eat 🙂

Watch the video, answer the questions.

  • What does Anne order?
  • What does Steve order?
  • Does Steve like coffee?
  • Why do you think Anne doesn’t try the meat pie?

Now read the transcript.

Anne and Steve Have Lunch

We’re going to be using this menu during our class.


Quickly read it over before Wednesday.  Don’t worry too much about the strange words – we’ll be reading it together!

The language point we’re focusing on is I’d like… , Would you like…?  Here are some optional exercise.

would you like would you like 1

Food: Week Four

To continue working on our food theme we’re going to be talking about restaurants.  We’ll practice reading the menu from one of my favourite restaurants: Rebar in Victoria, British Columbia.

Explore their website: http://rebarmodernfood.com/

Look at their menu.  Don’t be discouraged, the vocabulary is a bit technical.  Pick one dish that you would like to order.  Try to understand what the ingredients are.  Be ready to explain your dish to the other people in the group 🙂