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Shopping: Week 4

This week we will talk about clothes shopping.

Watch the first sketch (0:00-0:46).

Answer the questions.

  • What colour of sweater does the client want?
  • How much does it cost?

Watch the second sketch (0:46 – 1:30)

Answer the questions.

  • What size of shirt does the client want?
  • Who pays for the shirt?

Read Shopping for Clothes.

Shopping: Week 3

This week we will practice haggling (marchander).

This is a clip from the American TV show The Big Bang Theory.

1.  Watch the video.  Answer the questions.

  • What is the starting price? Quel prix est demandé?
  • What is the final offer? C’est quoi l’offre finale?

2.  Read the TranscriptAttention! There is vocabulary at the end.

3.  Watch the video again.

Shopping: Week 2

This week we are going to talk about shopping in London.

Watch the video (0:00 – 2:35).  Answer the questions.

  • What can you buy at Picadilly Market?
  • Why do people like Picadilly Market?

Read the transcript.

Shopping is Great Part 2 – Transcript

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