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Healthy Living: Week Four

This week we’re going to be watching a short video about sleep and talking about our own sleep habits.  Think about your life.

How many hours of sleep do you usually get during the week?  Does it change on the weekends?  Do you think you get enough sleep?

Now watch the video How to Sleep.  It is a short TED talk by a Canadian science writer, Jessa Gamble.

Try to watch the video without subtitles once.  If you think it is necessary, you can watch the video with either English or French subtitles.

[ted id=957]

As you watch it a second time, try to answer these questions:

– What is « the body clock »?

– How do Aboriginals in Northern Canada compensate for varied seasonal light?

– What is our natural sleep rhythm?

– Is our natural sleep rhythm compatible with our modern life-style?