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Traveling: Week Four

This week we’re focusing on hotels while traveling.

Watch the report.  This video has no subtitles and no transcript.

Watch it once with no sound, imagine what the report is about.

Then read the questions.

Finally watch the video with sound.

  • Why did the owner create this kind of hotel?
  • What is special about the windows?
  • Why is the door little?
  • Why are there side curtains?
  • What do the Mexican tourists say about the glass igloos?
  • What do they say about the real igloos?

Traveling: Week One

Watch the TED talk by Aziz Abu Sarah

If you need help here is the transcript: For more tolerance we need more … tourism

Answer the questions:

  • What happened to Aziz’s brother?
  • What did Aziz learn in Hebrew class?
  • What is special about Mejdi Tours?


Getting Around Cities: Week 2

This week we’re going to practice booking hotels.


Listen to the document.

Answer the questions.

1.  The man makes a reservation finally for which day?

  • March 20th
  • March 21st
  • March 22nd

2.  What kind of room does the man prefer?

  • a non-smoking room
  • a smoking room
  • either one is okay

3.  Why doesn’t he want to reserve the suite?

  • It doesn’t have a nice view.
  • It doesn’t come with a sauna bath.
  • It’s too expensive.

4.  Including tax, how much is the man’s room?

  • 80 dollars
  • 88 dollars
  • 96 dollars

5.  How do you spell the man’s name?

  • Maxner
  • Maexne
  • Mexner

Check your answers with the transcript: Booking hotel_Transcript

The language point we’re focusing on is too, not enough.  Here are some optional exercises.

Too Too