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Mini Series: Week 6

The final episode!  Vimeo included the subtitles for this episode (ooof!).

After you watch the episodes think about Ari, Sam and Lisa individually.

  • What should they have done?
  • What should they do now?

Mini-Series: Week 2

This week we’re watching the second episode of Whatever This Is.  There is a copy of the episode with decent subtitles on this site:


Click the « CC » button and select « English » to have subtitles.  If the video is uploading slowly click the HD button and choose the low quality option (270p).

As you watch the episode try to answer these questions:

  • How does discrimination effect Ari?
  • What do you think will happen between Toby and Ari?
  • Why do you think the lawyers want to hire Lisa?




Mini-Series: Week 1

Over the next few weeks we’re going to try to watch an online mini-series.

The criteria are that it must be:

  • Mini (less then 10 episodes)
  • Have a subtitle option
  • Free
  • Have content that we can talk about

I like the series Whatever This Is and I think the director, Adam Goldman is great.


Watch the first episode and answer the questions:

  • Have you ever had a bad work experience?
  • Choose one of the characters.  What adjectives would you use to describe him or her.  Why?

interesting     passionate     boring     intelligent     trustworthy     hardworking     fun     dedicated    

What do you think? If you aren’t a fan and find another mini-series that meet the criteria we can change!