Week 10: Hunger games

Chapter 9 and 10: televised interviews and getting ready for the games.


Ch 9:

What is Katniss’s reaction to Peeta’s desire to be trained alone?

What does Effie try to teach Katniss? What is Haymitch trying to do to K?

That evening what do we find out about the the Avox girl?

The next morning what does Cinna prepare with Katniss?

What advice does he give to her for the televised interviews?

How does the actual event go? How long does each interview last?

do Katniss and Peeta make a good impression? Why/Why not?!

Ch 10:

What do we find out about Peeta? Is this just a strategy?

How does Katniss feel/react to it?

How and where does Katniss meet Peeta in the evening? What do they say? Why does Katniss get upset?

What happens in the hovercraft the next morning? Where are they going?

What is the stockyard? What special item does Cinna give to Katniss? What does say to her and why?

How does Katniss get to the arena?



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