Week 15: Hunger games

Week 15; Chapters 17 and 18

Ch 17;

Does Katniss achieve her goal? how?

Does she get injured? Where does she manage to hide?

What happens in the evening? how does she keep warm?

Why isn’t fox face a possible ally for Katniss?

Katniss leaves her hiding place and goes to the meeting point to find Rue. She waits for and has time to do a few things. After a long while she decides to go looking for her. Where does she go to look for her?

How does she locate Rue at first? what happens next? 🙁

Ch 18;

Who gets killed?

What does Katniss do to pay tribute to Rue? ( pay tribute= rendre hommage)

Does Katniss feel angry? What is she thinking of doing to get revenge?

What does she receive from a sponsor? Why?

How many tributes are left? What does Katniss feel about the recent deaths?

Claudius Templesmith makes an announcement, what does he say? is it good news?




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