Week 16: Hunger games

Week 16: Part 3 « The victor » Chapters 19 and 20 

Chapter 19;

What does the new rule mean about Peeta’s and Katniss’s « romance »?

Where does Katniss think he’s hiding?

Where does she finally find him? in what state is he?

What does Katniss have to do to help him? What do they have to do for the cameras? Do you think this situation will help them in the game?

Where do they camp? What do they receive?

Chapter 20;

What does this situation mean for Katniss?

What story does Katniss tell Peeta?

What new announcement does Claudius Templesmith make? Does this come as a surprise to Katniss? Why do they argue about this?

What special « dinner  » has Katniss prepared? What’s the desert made from…giphy?





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